15th September 2013

Arranged for voice and piano by Benjamin Britten and words by W.B. Yeats. 
The harmony is my own addition.


11th September 2013
I wrote this song after an amazing Naked Voice workshop run by the beautiful Jayne O'Donnell. It expresses for me the experiences of that particular day and how awed and inspired I was with the people surrounding me. It was a real privilege to share that space and those people know who they are and this song in its own way is a 'thank you'.


Open my heart, so I can see 
The one true soul and her bravery 
I stand with you and you see me through 
All the confusion and uncertainty 

You are my friend, my witness be 
To me own sound and fragility 
My mind's unsure, but my spirit's strong 
As we three stand in this unity 

Take me home 
Secret melody . . . . 

Oscail mo chroi and sing with me 
So we can be all we can 
Our wisdom goes far beyond 
It's calling now and we must respond 

Take me home 
Secret melody . . .

Recorded July 2013
Clare Sanders - Vocals, Classical Guitar, Piano

18th March 2012

A traditional Scottish folk song set in the magical surroundings of Glenshee (Glen of the Faeries) in the south of the Cairngorms, it tells of the love story between a young maid and a lord.

Recorded early 2012 
Clare Sanders - Vocals
Paul Burgess - Classical Guitar
Arr. Sanders / Burgess 2010