11th September 2013


Expedite was originally written in 1999 as part of my dissertation for my music degree. I was studying minimalist and post-minimalist styles of composition and this was my take on the genre. It was written for two pianos, cello and vibraphone and used set blocks of repeated motifs combined with the performers own ability to be able to improvise within the structures. At the time I was lucky to be surrounded by some brilliant musicians and I had Ged Boyle on Piano, Nigel Rippon on Cello and Ben Atkins on vibraphone. I played the second piano. In the original the 1st piano got faster until it created its own counter rhythms with piano 2. Eventually the two pianos would phase back into synchronisation and then the other instruments came in.
I have changed this piece quite a bit but the original repeated phrases have remained the same incorporating a section that I had originally discarded.

Original Composition - Clare Sanders
All instruments played by Clare Sanders

2nd July 2012

This is a piece I wrote in 2008 but decided it needed some film to go with it so I have finally gotten around to completing it!

10th December 2011

Here is my first track El Ritmo, recorded in February 2011 but originally composed back in 1998.

10th January 2012

This is my second piece to be released, written and recorded in October 2011 for solo piano.