New Composition

 Or should I say old composition that is finally making it onto my computer!
I was going through an old box of tapes I have last night, as you do, with a nice bottle of Hobgoblin real Ale, trying to find an old Adiemus tape as I fancied listening to it while reading some more of Harry Potter, but to my surprise and delight I came across a tape marked 'music dissertation'. Curiosity got the better of me and I thought after nearly 15 years it might be interesting to listen to whatever I had put on there. Now, I had a vague memory of recording some ideas I had initially for my end of course composition, which I was really proud of, but never having got a hold of a recording of the actual performance I only have my memory and my score to remind me how it sounded. But what a fantastic surprise when placing the tape in our tape player (yes, we really do still have one and it works!) I heard nearly the whole piece being played back to me. The first take was with the 2 pianos and the second take had the addition of metallophone and although this would have been recorded in a practise room the sound wasn't half bad. Considering also that this poor tape- without a tape box - has moved with me several times and was lying in the bottom of a dusty box I'm really quite impressed. So after several listens through and a bit more ale! I decided it was a sign to get on and record this piece properly, so today has been spent recording in the different piano parts including a lovely middle section that for some reason didn't make it into the final composition. There a few areas that need re-working but I am fairly pleased with the results so far. 
The original piece which is called 'Expedite', features 2 painos, cello and tuned percussion and the idea is that the second piano speeds up to create rhythmic and harmonic interest until it phases back into time and then the piece evolves from there. It also used a lot of improvisation and allowed the cello and tuned percussion to do their own thing over the rhythmic patterns. Without the luxury of having those fantastic musicians at my disposal here in Ireland I will be developing the pipece slightly differently, but my hope is that it will keep its rhythmic and harmonic integrity, as it was written to pay homage to my minimalistic heroes - Glass, Reich, Adams, Pärt to name a few.

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  • Paul
    Having heard this composition going all day long as Clare rediscovers it, I can confirm its absolutely fantastic!!!

    Having heard this composition going all day long as Clare rediscovers it, I can confirm its absolutely fantastic!!!

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